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Eva Löfdahl & Sean Raspet – Arche Apeiron
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Minibar is thrilled to present Arche Apeiron, a duo exhibition with works by Eva Löfdahl (SE) & Sean Raspet (US).

22/8–26/9, 2015
Opening Reception: 20 August 17–22
Gallery Opening Hours: Thursday 16–18, Saturday 12–15


Trajectories, geometric timelines that interlace, colliding in their extemporaneous frequencies (“plötsliga frekvenser”.) Traces becoming patterns; reservoirs spilling over. In the ruin, forensic material coalesces to alight upon new ground: volume, vacuum, abstraction, and withdrawal. A human ear pressed to the foundation, sensing a gentle rhythm traversing history and time. Tensed matter secreted from the ground on which we stand, and from which we nurture.

Eva Löfdahl is a perennial universe that fluctuates, morphs, unravels, and revises. A complex vicissitude of the intelligible signs of information. An equilibrium of materials rubbing against one another. A redolence perfuming the semiotic. (Could we speak of a neosymbolism, one avoiding opaque titling?). Constant, and in dialogue, her objects branch out across the expanded temporal field in motion and material interrelation. A poem of friction where the sensible matters merges into linguistic mathematics. Regulations of meaning, 3.14159265358979323846264338 and back again.

Sean Raspet’s formulations and deformulations – creations out of the intersections of process, coagulation, and chemical composition – orbit the point where science takes on the tonality of language. Fruit Intersection Average sees a suspension of material inference and mimicry hung on the wall. Objects and compositions that replicate and capture, yet leak and interfere with the spatial boundary of their nature.

Arche Apeiron is an attempt to lay the groundwork for something to arch over, and into, several mediums. To find analogies and disparities. In addition to the exhibition, further impositions such as a publication launch, and a conversation will be announced soon.


Eva Löfdahl (b.1953, Göteborg) lives and works in Stockholm. She has exhibited extensively since the 1980's and notable presentations include a retrospective solo exhibition at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, in 2011; representing Sweden at the Venice Biennal in 1995 and a solo exhibition at Lunds Konsthall, Lund in 2009. Löfdahl is represented in numerous museum and private collections and she has completed several large scale public commissions in Sweden and elsewhere.

Sean Raspet (b.1981, Washington D.C.) lives and works in Los Angeles. Recent solo exhibitions include “Deformulation” at Société, Berlin; a two-person exhibition at Chateau Shatto and “Residuals” at Jessica Silverman, San Francisco. Other presentations include Room East, New York; Kunstlerhaus KM, Graz; The Kitchen, New York; Artist's Institute, New York. Raspet graduated with a MFA from University of California, Los Angeles in 2013.


Arche Apeiron is organized by Anna Sagström and Matilda Tjäder.
Minibar is Malin Henningsson, Sofia M. Westin and Anna Sagström.
Design by Aron Kullander-Östling.

Minibar would like to thank Eva Löfdahl, Galerie Nordenhake, Ben Loveless, Sean Raspet, Société Berlin, Daniel O'Connell and Josh Minkus.


In Minibar Backspace: Sara Magenheimer (US).


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